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by | Mar 3, 2023

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Check out the Chaplain’s thoughts as we welcome the players, staff and supporters of Dobwalls to Bodieve Park.

Time added on for stoppages is never enough if we’re one nil down, on the other hand if we’re one nil up, where is the ref finding all this time from? Time is a strange thing, too much of it, not enough of it, some of us obsessed with being on time, others always late. Where I work in the NHS we’re obsessed with waiting times but we also want the doctor to be available when we want and for as long as we need.

I’m personally someone who likes to get on with things, my brain works best in the morning, and I like to make progress quickly. My wife on the other hand has a different approach to time and life and prefers a more relaxed way of being. How much time have I spent pacing around our house, car keys in hand, looking at my watch and growing ever more frustrated!

One of my closest friends is a vicar in Kenya, he has a very different approach to time. When I went to church with him in Kenya, the service got going when people decided to arrive. Numbers grew over a couple of hours until we were in full swing and that is fine by everyone. Well other than me who is thinking, “you told me it started at 10.00, where is everyone?”

And then there is ‘Dreckly’, I’ve been in Cornwall for two years, I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Some may be aware that in the life of the church we’ve just begun the season of Lent. This remembers the forty days Jesus went into the wilderness alone, preparing for his future work and being tempted. When asked in a service what was Jesus doing, a young girl replied, “finding out who he was”. I’ve had to learn how to slow down and find out more about myself, I’ve begun to enjoy the time to reflect and apparently do nothing. The time and space to slow down and ‘just be’ is a gift to be treasured and important for us all.

That is of course unless we’re one nil down with a minute to go!

Simon Betteridge

Club Chaplain

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